Anything you say is either offensive or defensive and may be interpreted so.
-say nothing, see what people say to you. What do they want.
Stick to your one point, like a politition. Additions are further ammunition to misunderstanding and miscommunication.

When you think of noteworthy achievements. You think of singular people. But the greatest achievements come from groups.
Is it possible to wield a group of people without being placed upon a pedestal above them? Kings/masters/slaves/workers.
Utopia? Democracy? Philosopher kings…

Time doesn’t function in straight lines?
Why do we infer straight lines?
As we remember back we start from the beginning through to the end.
We recount. Past to present. Present to past. Recent to old.
Important to unimportant.
Are we all just killing time?
Is that a scary thought?
People are control.
Look out over the city, where does everyone need to be? In cars…
In the street walking. Time is being spent.
Why do I see waves. Why do you blink and only occasionally feel present in the moment.
Are we free?
Is there chaos in being free? Does free mean, free and meaningless?
Does chaos, mean inhumane? Un-human. Lacking a thought process that enables you to fit in. To be controlled in your actions. Sensible?
Functioning. Part of the machine?
Part of the structure?
The operating system. The drive. The ongoing challenge for human improvement. The new records. The time spent by others achieving means humanity in the future has to work even harder; to find new and improved ways to occupy themselves. To live and say “this has not be done’ nor will ever be done again”.

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