Its een a hard day’s night.

So here I am. Two days late.
Its been a few hard days.
And long nights.
I return to bed, no expectations on my day today,
except for the attendance to work at 6pm.
Had The Beatles on the brain.
Djay-Djay song also.

Today that gay guy that I could talk to about anything,
He’s a hairdresser; came in.
Talked about fathers day,
How his day has passed away,
how that will then influence the reaction/celebration
(when finally they pass away)
I said I couldn’t deal with that sort of emotional stress.
He mentioned his dad was an ass. And that when his died,
he wen’t on holiday. They cremated him, and placed his ashes…
In a few different vessels. Normal right…
Each “birthday” of the father, they go, have ‘sandwiches’.
I bit-and-bitANDBIT my tongue. For the joke.
“Oh a picnic, where you play for the ashes”. Fuck my brain.
So that, work all day. Road trip. Freezing water (beach), collecting shells.
Then visited coles + the pub. Got a sugary drink.
then visited Shell Bell. Talked, tea, Fan-tales.
Then soccer 11-0 great game, driving, lifts for Edward.
4 free beers. Pale Ale (tastes shit).
Tallked to day. Put on my electric blankey.
Went and had a few beers with Alex and Eden & Rich.
Talked Arnold Swartz + The value of money.

Rich mentioned the combination of Arnie (Physical) with something more.
Intellectual aspiration. Einstein.
I combined a point I admine about the physical condition.
Then I rode home with Alex.
Eden was sick, and a bit tired.
I have been awake for 23 hours. Bite me.

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