Blue and grey.
That was my day
I know i’m not
here to stay

I guess that means.
It was the genes.
I’ll head now, away
To where sun gleams.

You pesemistic cunt.
That spelling taboo
The prejudice.
No dice. Die!
See me, See me for what I am.
Morphing into a the bubbling babbling wreck.
Babel, and able
Unable, Babe’ll be the first
To be eaten!
On this ARK.
Invite Joan, she’ll be our woman.
Piss on that thought. Wreck it. Can I waste that paper harder?
More? Blacken that white card.
Yes. Gossip with me
Tell me rambling stories, open up.
totally. freak me out.
Freeeeek me the fuck out.
Your giant mouth consumes me, does my fear remain?
That passing moment. Passed out. Passed up.
The past. Said, Say, See-Saw. Sunk.
What is that. My belief. These labels. These words.
Say them enough they mean NOTHING.
Overandoverandover until it’s just fuck.
Seth Van Hyster, Spelt that last bit wrong.
Names and bullshit. A power over somone. You may as well meet grabage,
Disgusting. Is it highly organised?
Phil Gale, “yeah that’s where they put a wale if it washes up on the beach”
Where/// THE FUCK. Does that come from?
I thought I said strange stuff. Everyone else just sat their, big kids.
Learned to not say anything,
Don’t presume, Don’t share. Just eat,
“JUST KISS HER” Fuck you, are you fucking kidding me.
And here I am, hypocritical. Devestated.
But that’s human right? WRONG. Who gives a fuck.
Didactive? Didactic? What does that even mean.
Piss off word. Get out of my mind.
Dots, Dashes. Code. Moarse. MoRSE.
Black and white until.
yes and no. No and yes. Cycles, circles.
Origin and return.
Beginning and end.
Change aparrent? Control?
The future? The big back up.
The earth a diamond.
Our existence.
Existentialism; everyone is aparrently.
Because everyone is capeable of suicide.
Deep thoughts, that make you smile.
Or cry.
Just look at your shoes and wonder why everything’s not perfect.
Where is the remedy.
I need perfume for this situation.
We all sense something is wrong.
Where is my bliss. I need DR WHO.
That episode where we all become junkies.
Time travel. Wild thought.
Lets all go back in time and get eaten by dinosaurs.
Go uninvent the wheel?
I mean what do you do.
Go back, make advancements? Change history? WHO THOUGHT UP THIS SHIT.
It’s brilliant.
The colour of our shit, Brown.
Smelly, disgusting. Somehow hilarious. Toilet humour.
America, USA. Do me a favour. Favor flavour. Spelling!
Australian english.  Need to do a better fucking job.
Maybe if our education system was better, life would be better.
Learning how to be happy.
How to share.  THe tip smells from composte. Breaking down.
Is everything there in piles?

Placebo, help me. Make it better. Take the pain away.
Do I want to live longer? As in much longer. Is that my challenge?
What can I take to make me live longer.
Imagine that cocktail.
Picking blueberries.
Stained mouth. Flies everywhere. Protein
Yes that government investment. Get yourself some grilled salted fly wings.
Who the fuck was that business prick predicting shit.
“THE GOOGLES, THE FACEBOOKS”. fuck that guy.
Grow the potplant..
I’m stuck between that belief, intensive education.
I CANT UNDERSTAND. I’m not an A student.
So what does learning a language show.
Imagine if I could do it.
I could, I could go there.
FRIDGE. I need spotify.
I’m cold.
What the fuckin heck is going on with my diet.
Meal times. Not enough sleep. Working too much.
But you have to, you need money. Right? OR should I just be a scumbag.
What is that. Just not taking a wallet anywhere. THIN
Grow thin, become a cornflake. Turn yellow with cigarettes you pick up off the ground you jackkerrouac long list of things as they just pop into your mind and describe describe let your brain go I wonder what you were like. I mean look  you just spouted genius turn ALL CAPS bullshit. You hippified your shit, didnt eat, lived beat that’s cool. You didn’t casanova for shit you died early. Could you have smiled more? You wrote so much. I dont even know if you were inspired. How where the drugs back then? What do you? When you moved home, saved. WhoWHATWHENWHEREWHYHOW? Your french? The pastries? I looked that Up. I read your book, yours and Paul Kelly’s you guys are great.
I think that I would like to replicate all the goodness you guys bring to the world.
I don’t know how much that is I”m afraid to meet my idols.
I’m scared of being Australian.
I’m worries about global warming.
I wish I was rich so I could build a bunker.
Can we stop using takeaway cups? Surely something is being destroyed there.
Maybe I should go plant some trees/
How can I do something worthwhile.
Who gives a fuck if you think i’m crazy. Women i’ve met in Australia have let me down.
I let myself down. Maybe my problems are inside, i just feel bored. Rubbing against the sandpaper of society.
I chafe.
I wish for release.
I am ATLAS. Let me turn the world on its head.
Now i’m a juggler!
My KNEES ARE FINE. I will run, energetic again.
a balancing act. I want a hug.
My birthday approaches.
That miracle Karl El’ described.
This life. In your hands. Beautiful.


s s


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