What you do to forget,

occupy time.
A big part of you, where you don’t have to think.
Labelling time.
How do you escape from your emotions?
Jogging? Eating? Fighting? Drinking?
Do these things then envelope your emotions?

Imagine the productivity you could enjoy if only you poured your emotions into.
Where do these emotions come from? Living? Your heart?
Pour your heart into something.
Don’t think about your day job. Don’t think about your bread-job.

Don’t let people play games with you,
toy with your heart or your head.
Guard your mind. Fortify,
feel strong and resilient to your foundations.
Be a log on the water.
Roll with the waves, be jaunted and shunted
feel no shame, point any direction.
Does it matter if sometimes you get wet?
No tears, petrify; never break down.

We talked gossip tonight,
We spoke of emotional blackmail.
I wish we went out with Callum that would have been a laugh.
Explicitly; I trust you.

Maybe tonight was a little too much vanilla and not enough chocolate.
But that’s ok.
I’m tired, but not tired of you.
I’ve had a great time.

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