Today begins a new month. New month, new look new new new.

I wondered yesterday at the idea of contentment.
What is it that you could want at any given moment.
Brain stormed and mind mapped the ideas behind wants vs needs.
Can you set a goal for the long term and be happy over the short term?

What are my goals. Time being “spent”; how you occupy yourself.
Does it yield physical benefits. Can you look back at what you’ve done.
If history is important, is photography equally so.
If only for fashion. (God that was a horrible jumper, and a really bad haircut) –
Thank god I have a photo of that.

Is it interesting reading into things, more than living them? Ofcourse not.
Reading and life experience, *the facts: as you see them* don’t translate to being the same thing.
Living something, then writing about it for the people that aren’t committed or interested per-se in living “it”.
They just want the facts.
Why do we rinse kidney beans? What is it. That stuff; in the tin with them.
A preservative I guess.
How much preservatives do we consume on a daily basis. What are the effects on our body?
Salt is a natural preservative, are we mummifying inside?
Dried fruit! Delicious, dangerous.
Everything is fruit.
Things found in nature, GMO, Preservatives, Wax, Spray, blah blah blah.
What is safe.
The mystery of the food industry.

I put some biscuits the bin the other day.
Not compost. Just bin.
Lazy Patrick. LAZY. Why does the tip smell? Because people are lazy.
Composting isn’t looked into. Let it compost amongst the un-recyclable metals and plastics of the world.
The Australian waste problem. The epidemic that is our lack of understanding.
Be aware! These factors. Take care and realise what it is you’re creating with your laze-faire.
To be lazy is to welcome rot to the face of the planet.

The great many mysteries, compounded into a plate of food that you can’t quite finish.
Can we do anything about this?

Look at your hands,
Massage your face.
Rest and be content.
Your anxiety brought on by deep thinking suggests that there is an abyss before us; filled with the problems of the wold.
Don’t fall in. But don’t cover it up.
Bear witness to this trap.
Be a guide. Save potential victims; come to understand the depth and scale of this problem.
Are there ways for us to cure this giant hole in the soul of mother earth?
Can we fill the potentially fatal fall with rich earth; let us mend! So that the fall, if and when it occurs, is not the one and only.
The horse, never to be mounted again. For its Mariner is gone, felled to the blackness.

August. What could you be: for me.

Open heart meditation
Bikram Yoga.

STUDY (drink less) focus.

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