“Hey what are you up to” – obviously this.
“Hey how are you” – good
“Hey what’s news” – nothing, just this, this and this.
“Good to see you” – thanks

That Shit Chat.

Yesterday I was starving. Just could ‘t manage to get full.
Now today, 2 hours before a dinner I feel full and sick. Great, thanks body.
Played pool with the guys, lost doubles with Tim.
Valandis goes to Greece this week. I’ll be sure to wish him and their economy all the best.

Saw Eloise after yoga, her makeup was smudged a bit, which made me think “why even wear makeup if you’re not going to do a good job”. She left a letter in my mailbox.
I tried not to make a big deal… Of anything.

It was sunny, i was in a good mood chatting shash at the cafe up the road.
Yoga was crazy, I was cramped in my legs and sweating stupid amounts.
Gross weekend to blame.

I saw Liz, but I didn’t have anything worth saying. I felt flat.
I thought to write a text, Rhys and the guys said that would be strange.
“Snob her and then write a message”
-i don’t snob people. I explained

Snobbing people isn’t real. Anyway
Communication is a two way channel that requires mutual effort.
I’m not a child, I understand this better than most.
Communication is something everyone can both excel and fail at over a very short space of time.
People misunderstand and misinterpret often. It’s the human condition, to sometimes say/do what is not meant. To want to covey something, alas it doesn’t translate a lot of the time.
If you’re tired, scattered, “elsewhere”, apologies there and then or later. say nothing.
Don’t let yourself down in seeking and giving into the nature of instant gratification through acknowledgement. -oh yeah we have a word for that- its called snobbing.
Sigh. No its not. You aren’t listening to me.
Another communication breakdown.

Your immediate reaction is what society expects of you.
Your second; closer reflects who you truly are.

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