Herbal sausages- teabags.
Sausages – meat
Meatbags- people.

Are people inherently good or evil?
Are you deeply optomistic or pessimistic?

Communication, means expectation.
Message, requirement.
“ASK” to ask, is to want of someone.
Communication is someone dancing through your mind.
To open the umbrella of their thoughts in your face,
Create a stage before your eyes.
Control, explore, divulge, share and distract.

Your mind isn’t always present.
You’re ordering your coffee but you’re also
Already at work 10 minutes from now. You are highly organised and making sense of todays situations. The “now” and the “later”. Enjoy your coffee,
I will see you again soon; creature of habit. Easier on the brain?

Save your venom.
Sell yourself short?
Save the emotion,

I will listen
You shall talk
The differing intelligence.

Maybe they guess,
That you’re thinking
On a higher

Level, plane, realm.
Street smart, socially,
Book smarts, emotionally.

All kinds, focussed.

Book “cool”
Language is a medly, a throw together, a patchwork,
The fine and the faulty.
The wonderful and the worn.
The verbose and the vacant stare.

In a perfect world nobody would need to speak to eachother.

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