New month

New month! New look.
Button up shirts. – Always.
Thanks for the top-deck haircut Paul.
He had a cut-throat razor and let me live,
lets just forget I said anything.

I’m pretty confused at the moment.
Learning all this business lingo,
I can feel myself changing.
Hopefully I can maintain my identity,
my ideas. ‘My life’s accumulation of delayed goals’
That’s not a book I care to write, or read.
Things I should have said and done,
Asked her out, said something funny
been wild. Said nothing. screamed.
Choices made for me by the passing of time,
and the willingness to be a germ.

I’m just wondering what I can do to be more me.
To be true to myself, to travel.

Cape Grim.
spelt wrong.

“i’m going to leave you again”


“you’re depressed”

“you have no idea how this, you are effecting me”

Is it effecting or affecting?
Does it matter?
Can’t it just be both.

Happy New Month.

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