I feel this is the most hurtful word one can use.
Its important around me, that it’s not abused.
I then roll my eyes, completely in jest
notice, as they rolled I spied unrest
But instead of my hated word she chose
something that rated not nearly as close.


Oh child take your vocabulaire to bed

now young imp, be elsewhere instead.

To be the fool,
More on that later.
To jibe and duel,
Scored to spatter
Let the drops run-on&on-anon.

Onion! Why art thou so thick?
Ye dropped as a bairn?
Caramelised’en thick
Lay’on lay’r, mourn-
fer’me would yee
Cac-tus eye-d’y’see?
this prick, pierce my stomach
let the red run
drunkards sober deathshiver
At-last the last one.

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