Control & F

Shit poetry storm over something stupid I just read on the internet.
Shallow bollock from some idiot.
Along the lines of:
“man is the only beautiful thing on earth”
“and the only thing in man in mind”.

I immediately pressed ctrl+f.
‘find me anywhere but here’
It didn’t work.
The quote stood.
Letters glaring me in the face.

CRTL+F (again)
“something that makes sense”

“anything that is more intellectually charged that this bullshit”
“Self centred shit” – weird it didn’t come up.

Then the page loaded and here I am with my thoughts.
My Ctrl+F: Terrible poetry.
The jagged ideas.
The un-honed edges of my mind.
I think i’m trying a bit to hard to be smart.

Everyone loves a critic, but do they?
We all like to ‘Control F’.
While some prefer ‘crtl’-
Others want only to ‘f’

Yes, its a computer term
You apply it to your everyday.
Get out the magnifier in this way
Get what needs be confirm.

The things you find
Thats if you’re looking
They’re clearly signed
Thy babbling brookings.

I want to find a mate
A mate and some pals
I stepped onto the door mat
And our past the flowers.

Looking a sorry state,
Looking at some gals
Sat flat on my date
On my back, hours.

Time pass’t me by.
I pressed and ctrl+f’ed,
and wondered why.
Why’s it just me left?

I lay unmasked, alone.
I brought out my phone
And asked
ctrl+f me a “home”

Find me a bed.
Place where I control
Where i’m in love
Where the F has evolved.

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