Lightweight brainflip

Mum didn’t cook the fish properly.
Weird that salmonella, sorta sounds like salmon.
But i eat that shizz in sushi all the time.
Raw! And no qualms. Strange that I worry now.

Caught up with Slayer and Rich today.
Great chats, quality dudes.
Talked big trash, moved around a bit.
Had a driving lesson. It’s like riding a bicycle.

Caught up with my boys Wil & Phil.
Times have changed. Sad.
Saw Rhys and his girl,
Thought about making scrumpy.

Went on am adventure to the old abandoned pool.
Through some bricks around.
Read an amazing poem by Yeats.
Had 2 quality coffees and a tea.

So much to do.
Very relaxed.
Do I have plans for mothers day?
What will tomorrow bring today?

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