I can’t sleep.

0:00 I can’t work it out.
How do I feel right now? This instant.
Not hot, not cold. My toes are numb.
I’m tired and drowsy when I stand, alert when I lay down to sleep.
French, English, Business. University!
The future, long term.
My age: currently, the percentage of my life run through already.
The western society we live in. The choices we made each day, to live how we live.
Words. English
The weather and how it affects plans.
Short term.
Girls! Study and work.
Do I have time? Should I be more selfish or less?
I have the time to think these thoughts but no drive or desire to excell.
Sleep take me.
Cocoon of the free subconscious!
Let me pass by a few hours, not absent but definitely away.
Away from this.
Tonight it hit me.
No emotion attached.
I am invested.
Home and all its comforts.
A blessing! To wrestle in safety.
To fall quite comfortably into the cracks.
Not of a stagnant society,
Or the clutches of some depression; wearing the sinister mask of something
Something else not truly ghastly.
Nay! The cracks of a comfy couch.
A movie, just fin!
Relax, enjoy, WITNESS (for its only you that matters)
Roll credits

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