Up the Gumtree

Gumtree magic tonight.

A half way to productive day either.
Not quite there, granted. But I put up some ads and went to the beach after work.
Got some sun and some fish and chips.
Then poetry and finally just before bed I ate some cheese and had a small glass of milk.
Welcome to cheesedreamland. WoooooOOOoooo.

Here’s another brilliant M. Leunig poem:

In Menswear
He shot a brightly coloured sportscoat
With his trusty bow.

He harpooned
A large, fat couch
In the furniture department.

He clubbed
A pop-up toaster
In the electrical section.

With his bare hands
He fought a king-sized quilt
In Bedding

He cast his net in footwear
And caught
A magnificent pair of slippers.

He was a hunter.
He was a provider
He was a MAN.

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