Today, today.

Today! Today was good. Started late, with a touch of drizzle.

Had a morning coffee and caught up with my boys. My infected leg wasn’t going to give me too much trouble and I was well rested.

Before long my day was done, I ate a salad, went home, threw together a 10 minute red curry and went to catch up with my brother Jon; something i’ve neglected to do these past few months I feel. A good chat, to the point. Then off to the pool-hall to hang out with my old poker pals. Leaving an hour later, undefeated. What more can I say.  A short bike-ride home, a nibble at dinner. A quick call to the sister. Some leg drugs. And an email: my confirmation letter from uni and a timetable. I’m set! 2015. Great.

Here’s a Michael Leunig:

All men are bastards.

We will fight for equality


All women are bastards too.

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