A beautiful hot-hot day.
Just going with the flow.
Is there a better way?
I bought a gift for bro!

Bright eyed and excitable,
But the still more to do.
Now I’ve plans with a crazy rabble!
For now its in the stew.

I’m scared of the future
What will it be like as my past
The decisions need to suit-yeah?
It’s coming up so-so fast.

The fuel for today was 7 Seeds. Service, coffee, salad. Brilliant!
A lunch with my good friend Jasper W.
Recently abandoned by his girl. “Fresh Start 2015 bullshit”. I hope he’s ok granted, I know he can do better.
That guy has prospects.

Moving on.

“Skydiving for your birthday bro?”
My friend told me he’d hate it as a gift.
But I’ve decided to challenge my brother on this one.
Guts or Glory style.
I won’t be there for his birthday sadly,
I’ve just locked in a festival.
I’ll be working, working hard on my floes.
Selling coffee to the masses.
Best Drug! -no drinking 2015-
Over and under the rainbow.
Life is crazy like this.
I’m pleased.

And to finish the night with my two best friends.. STING-PONG.
This is living last time I checked.
Not a bad little gig.

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