What have I done?

I think I’ve missed my daily post with this one.

But look, it goes like this. Yesterday’s… (the other days) post was on time -just.
I was doing things, and still I had that list.
Today I ticked boxes.
Today I’m late.
But I feel like production levels are up.
Tomorrow is going to be even more so.


I even rewarded myself with a new set of wireless headphones.
Its funny how a purchase can make you feel like its the turning point in your life. |
I think I get where people can be addicted to their possessions, and the accumulation of goodies.
So materialistic you are. Consumerist you have become. YOLODA!

A $250 dollar pair of headphones, making my day. I never though it would happen, that i’d be that guy.
I don’t listen to music when I run, I don’t like to run near cars or other people. It’s an activity I gladly do alone, to clear my head and think. Exercise makes me happy, without it I would melt away in the dark.

Energy for life.
Love life.

All that nonsensical exercise endorphin talk that skirts around the idea of poetry, so stripped back and simple you might call it brainless.

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