Experience traction,

Our busted faction

I won’t bend, your heart will mend

I won’t flex, your shallow sex

I won’t stay, your holiday

I won’t fight; four-your dull light

Pardon my reaction,

But where is OUR attraction.

Your lies are poverty

Your truths are pain

If love’s a lottery

It’s a numbers game.

I’ve counted

I’ve considered,

I’ve decided

I’ve delivered,

It’s a bastard

It’s a bitch

It’s a daily

It’s a ditch

Here’s an apple

There’s a pear

Here’s to memories

There’s my share.

Rolling down, the slippery bank.

Self defucktion; file and rank.

Life was not, no honey dew.

No fucking-kidding-that was you.

It’s over now, time will pass

Looking through a looking glass.

Hoping what could possibly be-

A patchwork makeshift version me.

Fractures and reflections

Guilt and regret-

Questions and inflections.

On your marks, get set.

All you say and all you said

Failing tests and breaking bread.

Tectonic plates, will move apart.

An existential place, for us, to start.

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