Let me get that for you

The motivation that comes from a conference is startling, but I don’t see the next hurdle. Do I need to chase it down, to jump over it?

Passion alone won’t cut it, you need to be able to communicate clearly to different people: what you do. “Looking to the future, but swamped with the everyday” – “We write the strategy and take out the trash.”
These two quotes encapsulate a helplessness within the industry and a lack of clearly defined roles.

1. Financials (equality & access) – we strive for equity.
2. Curriculum (these programs need to be integrated and bedded down) – who do I need to speak to about this and how can I influence them?

Put your head above the parapet, and have it chopped off, the moving target of a tall-poppy blowing in the wind. Awkward as hell, but I love your hair.

How can I help you?
What can we learn here?
Let me share something with you.
I’d like to teach you something.

Core product, we are not. Orphans, playing the second string in an orchestra.

Current and future are one.

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