Looking at old photos

Scrolling through some old memories with my partner.
‘Oh, look at you there, you look so different.’
‘Really? I don’t think so, same guy’
‘Yeah, I think you were a little bit thinner in the face, see here’

I thought about this, about being “thin faced”. Does that mean I have a fat face now? I am eating chocolate while I write this. Do I wish that I was still as thin faced? I recall having a mental collapse around that time – I wonder if that had anything to do with it? Either way, if I’m unhappy now and I was unhappy then, perhaps I should focus on reclaiming my thin face. Right after this chocolate. Perhaps I’ll focus on these shallow details at the end of the year. Pursue that modelling career and stick it out there for everyone to see. Doesn’t sound very healthy to me, but what would I know anyway?

This is why I rarely look back on old photos.

We’re closing at 5. We’re closing at 5. We’re closing at 5.

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