Been awhile

I’ve broken my collarbone.

Dad says: Broken legs are worse

B says: I’m pregnant.

A says: I have a new motor bike!

One shouldn’t compare. It’s all news. Relevant. Now I sit about, right arm in a sling. Wishing I took it a bit slower, careful. Paid leave is a blessing – working away, accumulating time off if anything goes wrong. And now it has, bone mending time. Some scrabble and sitting about. Catching up on old plans, a time to read. Shooting pains, no sports to speak of – maybe a walk and a tid bit of shopping. Destroyed from force, shoulder barging the earth with all my might. Swapping positions with my mountain bike over a gradual set of sweet jumps. Rookie mistake, trap for new players. And now I can’t sleep comfortably, pained splintering prickles in my skin.

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