Swapping Spoken Stories

You change to a speaker when their word is used.

Speaker 1: Today
Speaker 2: Hips
Speaker 3: Tally
Speaker 4: Fire

TODAY is an ordinary day, just back from a weekend away with my partner in Maydena. We went for a few wonderful adventures; Junee Caves, Mariott Falls, The Styx and Mt Field East. I was pleased to get some mileage in my legs and begin some light training for the overland track later this year. I remember my HIPS took the brunt of the weight from my pack and that was really the only ailment for the entire journey. This year, we’ll be going as a large group which should be fun. Naturally, more people mean that more can go wrong – but I like to imagine that the fun will be magnified and the joy will increase in magnitude. We will all grow and share in a wonderful experience. I’ll need to TALLY the complaints, for future reference. Then again, it might be best to forget. I know that a different friends groups last year had a significant falling out because of some minor disputes. I would hate for people to clash and not be able to make good again. It’s such a shame that some friendships dissipate, and others are thrown on the FIRE. Some people just can’t survive the crucibles. I’m sure that November will bring fine weather, and hopefully that facilitates feelings of friendship and camaraderie. Between now and then, there’s a few things to organise and some training to do; but for now I’m content to say that this weekend away has been an adventure – full of laughter, exploration and love.

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