Dear thumbs,

Today I give you the honoured task of contacting our friends on my behalf. Nice, good start – a bit self referential but it will do. Thumbs up from me. Good one – haha. Now that’s enough thumbs, I said enough! I’m in control here. No

Thumbs, stop it. Put

That down! No no noooooooo! ArgHhhhjaaarkh.

Dear friends of the mighty thumbs,

We have this human in our

possession and require a sacrifice.

Your life energies must be spent if he is to be released. No sooner than your full physical attendance and he will be free, relatively unharmed. At the moment we have him in shackles, hanging by his false thumbs in a dungeon we won in a game of Bejewled last Spring. But enough of that- the time has

come. Join us in selective merriment dressed as a thumb.

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