He comes from a family of kind and charming intellectuals. He carries all of their positive personality traits and welcomes conversation as a soft of co-creation-enlightenment.

Huw is the youngest of four boys – yes, his poor mother. Having known Huw for most of his life there have been numerous instances and successes that signaled his resilience, and will to succeed and do great things.

Most recently Huw is undertaking a PhD at Monash University. Following his passion and ambition in the medical sciences, he has been offered the opportunity to undertake a Fulbright Scholarship at Yale University later this year. In doing so he hopes to continue his work in Neuroscience; studying the effects of technology (smartphone) on our moods and motivations.

Huw is an exceptional human being. Driven, he possesses and demonstrates qualities beyond an all-rounder, surpassing any expectation of the status quo ‘slow-and-steady’ approach to an academic career. Huw is also an example of the necessary sacrifices of-and-for success. Every single day people compromise and make excuses. But not Huw, he has what it takes to be single-mindedly focussed in order to increase the depth and span of collective human knowledge.

Most importantly, Huw is grounded. Both interested in theory, and practical in it’s analysis and application

Why win?

Huw should win this award for his contributions and efforts thus far. As a public speaker he has inspired students in Tasmania and Melbourne to follow an academic pathway.

Australia needs passionate and inspirational leaders, now more than ever. In a world of distraction, technological advancement and fake news we are more susceptible to suggestion and mass media marketing than ever.

Huw is someone that cuts through the noise and will continue to make a vitally important contributions to Australia and the human race. His work has the potential to unlock the secrets of the human brain which will help us to better understand ourselves and the community in which we live.

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