New Z

Packing it all in, we drove, ran climbed, descended, walked, flew and bussed. Hello Melba!

Zucchini in the wings; there was a last minute change that we had to stomach it.

Liftoff. Car, road, The Meg, Arrowhead ranchos. The distance diminishes as the mountains rise up around us.

Peek-a-boo bound. Cook’s mountain then camp Teka Po to soak up the stars.

A “full” day driving and eating fish and chips. Hello QT.

Late start. The old; jog, shop, pack routine. Look out for Kiwis!

Hike day and the marvels of mountains have warmed our souls. Waterfalls and tense crossings.

Hiking 1277

Hitched with some frenchies. Collin the cabbie and finding “the Key” to paradise.

Waiting at Caltex for the ride that never came. Breakdown in communication in an avalanche of wet.

Doubtful sounds, a day of sitting. Policing my impatience. Josh hitchhiker from Brighton and the bra fence!

#thatwanakatreat a swim and the stupidest late night run to date.

The peace of the lake, dahl-ing and puzzles. Wana stay in the sunshine.

Rainy day and trees down everywhere. We checked out of Gillespie’s beach and called it a day- hotel style.

Mathers “like” and icy-Bergs! The greatest little walk and a hot load of driving!

Checking into a Hokitika paradise. The lady’s a coffee roaster and bread baker. And there’s an

Outdoor bath.

They lent us some bikes and we went for a paddle. There was even a fire to burn all the brochures.

Heart warming.

Christchurch abound! What a shithole. Jorgia has a tummy ache.

I endure the beauty of the drive as she slumbers peacefully. What a


Melbourne and Hobart. Home at last.

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