When you listen

Asthma puffers


Heart palpitation medicine


Note pad

Bad smell

Very tall (6”3)

High visibility tight shirt

“30 years ago, I took medication that made my skin sensitive”.

Looks like he has outgrown his skin

Unpredictable character

With a forced audience, have you ever worked in sales?

Asked to become umpire

12th of Feb 1977

Grew up in: Wynyard.

Blacklisted from the team.

Poor guy looked he’d had a hard life. Came in looking for a bumbag.

He tried to be a close talker, his belly rested on the misc objects.

Wooden table, beautiful macrocarpa, strewn with the medical history of this ghost. Diabetic and lumbering, a scroll like medication list told all that his GP had tried.

“My bumbag has frayed” he said to me. Lumbering and lolling, back and forth from right foot to left.

And his glasses were the kind that you could flip the shades down and up, down and up.

He told fibs. Lies, confused curling misinformation about knowing “people in high places”. The boss of the AFL would pay for his clothes if only he could get to Victoria. Size 15 shoes were his carriage, he’d never hitchhiked and had only travelled once, from Wynyard to Hobart.

Guessed age: 65

Having a warm, unfiltered heart, all showing, like a mushroom in spore. So refreshing, his tears, completely out of context, confronting, uncomfortable, real emotions, laid bare were his troubles to the front girl of the counter.

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