after effect poetry

I’m experiencing grief and gravy.

Maybe not, I could be lazy or crazy.

Struck with disbelief- how can someone just not be there.

How- how in this space that we stare. Vacant lot, this empty spot that I’m feeling. Bye now, gone. No more stealing, stealing myself away from you, running away because you’re gone. Gone. Gone. Gone? Where, no longer here, or near, not to be found, nor around, underground. Six foot, less you were small, killed, lots, misplaced, hurt, renting my heart open. Dead from a fall. Just find me a sharp edge, this long stairway to heaven has me looking up and down and no matter which way it goes I’m stranded or stuck. Still after emotion plonks me of lifts

me up to nowhere but a state, sorry and lost and sick and cold. Stupefied by your absence. How, how and where – are you now?

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