The fly, the fly is buzzing. Repeating its whirr, like the only sound. Expectant, numbing, impending. Flooding, flapping flutter.
I cringe away, the sun shines brightly, the christian sin goes on unscratched, and I hate everyone. Every single one. I can find fault. I will miscommunicate. Attack, undermine, change face, annihilate.
Auto correct after a fashion – I see you, I hate you.
Work. Friends. Zones we enter. A downward feeling. A dip. A low. A high tolerance for holing off the feeling of attacking and killing. Boodlust. Cynical home. Angry innards gush with purple and green.

Violent violent torrents, these old feelings have new growth. How can I win away from all of this smut. Smacking my lips for horrible thoughts and uncontrolled feelings of others. I will give you nothing. Nice to meet you, I wish you were fucking dead.

How perverse I would become if everyone were dead. But now, like everyone I only wish. Right now I sit and wait and miscommunicate. Miss understood. Underfoot. Cutting bloody chunks from my body. Insolent, petulant. hoping from prosperity. Withdrawals, shaking, hiding, holding out hope. Cutting back and re-assigning.

Look how slowly and simply this creature moves. It’s short life. Ugly stricken. Feeble attempts. Holding back all wishes, out wards. God has no books for you. There will be no suffering worth your time, just an unsure torment until you pass. All you’ve done will be repeated said the Demo tape. Six singles. Symbolic plungers peel away acid flesh and this toothless home bites cleanly through my flaking morbid flesh. Animals, entertainment. Fuck me.

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