Driving return

I drove for miles and miles. Longer than kilometres I suppose, the syllables throw you off the scent there. I drove for 16 hours, straight. Not once doubting my direction. Straight to the coast, a cliff. I didn’t even get my toes wet, all that way for a view and the threat of falling over the edge, false turns and dead-ends. All that way, straight. Only to turn my back on the breeze and the view, a lookout moment. And then I drove home. Same line, opposite way, parallel overlapping, ajascent, constant intersection. No axis, the same way. Like a yawn and a breath. All the same channel but the face of it. Changed, turned, swapped, sad normally, maniacle abd sabretoothed the next. That’s how I returned. Turned and returned- all that way, for a look.

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