Drawing on, mainly maimed.

Mum and misstakes.

The female bumbling fool of addicting gone wrongs. Falling on the stairs and cracking skulls. Skill less attempts at mingling. Coffee

Induced broken powder received. Spend

Spend spend. Buy things that you need- tax back, jobs jobs. Red red. Write worry, stay stuck, grow, old bored, young trauma. Face scars eyes and crows and games and boredom and purposeless fucking talking to no end.

No aim? No

Need no want, just waste and waffle and spend and fear, that it will all amount to nothing. Taking notes, pour out

Time into my skin and my job and my direction isn’t south or east or west or north. Family friends. Troubled approaches. Alone alone alone. Along,

And “it’s a good film” what the fuck? How can this stuff be so easy. Crying mums. Standard. the fear the real ness of effort and breast milk. Mild suffering. Tailored hand bags. The world crumbles- shit actors, tragic wasted want for stretching clothes. Dealing with, good child. Patience, payment, waffle, waiting, effort, walking, running, balls. Slapping, ordeal. Shame of the shackles. Test beeping- pointed pointless time with others. Happily wasted hours talking and tempting fate. Crush me with a truck if you have the fucking need. Expensive weekends- what’s the fucking point? Who pays for what? Who foots the bill? Dream and splurge. I want a computer for work, dry skin, tone, eye contact, manners, sleep, back, apples, hunger, fingers, language, time

Direction winter, sleep, slipping, leave me alone. Spend phone, keys typing, mumble jungle hopeless, share plan, spoil, coldness, vitamin, UV anytime, lunch jawline, clones, coffin nail, sipping, costly, run away, day off, direction, dabbling, hospice, familiarity, foul, foul fidget, figs, fiddle, stranger, the real danger, the warrior, the worrier, the waste, the luck of running into the wrong person, saying the wrong thing, hurting other, killers, hide away. Ovid, read, reckless. Babble, like like like like like like blah, waffle, go grim. Bang tidy, escape, loss, failure, try trial and error, pins, friendship, flake, chocolate, spittle, skittish, cold dangerous, eyes, eats skin, peeling foolish, apple cider, growing pains, lanes change exchange, job, training, positive. Save sipping, slipping, away feedback, loan

Loan, payments, behind territory espionage, well essay, wheel, westward, iceberg, torment, the loaded lever. Lisping cracks of dropped spoons, wattle, spillage, save, snuck, stupid, race. Theft and hitting. Faces frame broken bones and crushed killing steps I wish I wasn’t always stuck. DARK TEAM etc.

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