Toot toot toot

.Goes the boat-taob eht seoG.

You have as many ideas in a day as you take breaths.

It all passes through me- I am a train, trained. Sickly chemical transaction, transformation, excretion.

I read your Poem ‘water way’, it moved me. -if you’re just going to sit there with a jug getting hydrated and not paying for anything then piss off. 

I scraping myself off my seat. Walk. “I read your poem about water”. It brought me to tears. Salt drops falling down onto soft skin. Rolling over curves with gravity. Dripping down, raising hairs. Halting thinning verb. You are my commentary. My form, my colour my canvas. You hold, no diplomat, like a warrior; the truth escaping bits through parting lips I want to kiss but shan’t. Tense. To be. Time’s passing you, my verb, my vibration, love licked lips- my tear, my curve. All gravity, time and dust. Lust layered laughter at loss. Pure energy, ebbs. Height of my life with you toppling into a jumble of words. Just sounds, strong feelings, just sounds. Words, are sounds. Effect hope and hit- home runs. Our havoc played out/ goodnight. X

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