Let touching. Leg. Weirdly not faint feeling. You usually are?
Not at home – I wasn’t in my head. I was in a rock in the middle of nowhere.
I lifted my ead up.

The kelp was green, Flooded. Needed a swim.
Quelled the bleeding.

She wore blue. Eyes to match. The sunset,
I wish you had a better speakers.
‘Oh hey, that’s it’
Sara’s birthday – arriving in hobart.
Peaching at 6.30. Preaching.
Weddings and red wine.
Gushing flowing veins and gowns.
growing men. Bellies and sunrises.
Listen, louder. Looking down- after probably have bigger boobs if you got fatter.

Look at you. Tapping away Lips parted. Smiling. Those two dimples below your mouth. And he stayed home – and his rent was paid. The cycle of violence.
2 weeks. artist residency. In town. Which is amazing.

All my sisters will be there. On the strip. It’ll be so good . That never happens.

bo bo bobob ibobo.

She kept me up with different skin.
Not flushed or pouting. Eyes were there’ that’s what they’re coming for’.
Stealing hearts.
Bold moments of cutthroat slam-duggery. How does one deal with their emosh.
Join. Joints. Cut lunch and luxury. Sleep – run rest. Hollow legs tugging at my mind. Limbs black and lagging in my mind. Unfeeling connectioins of muscle flag on the morning. A brief run. Lost heart beating loud, ticking hate and hench thoughts of fishbowl joggers bladder. fub-fub-fub.
Tame impala. Playing that yearly game. touching at things I don’t know.
That educated life ; makeiin everything better. That fuckingmistaken language.:: “that’s not col”

I’m ve got this feeling ins side my head and the burning car its all going oveer my head all wrong. I don’t care I love it.
but harting it all ismn’t enough this summer. Washing salty eyes.
And the big bug that died usually on the windscreen – Delay online.
So smart.
Killing the switch.
The big bug. The bug the bug. Loving it. Waiting louder.
Something primal. reductive thoughts over how much time and the rest of it all.
That planning for nothing. tititititiit.

Music to my eyes and ears. The most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.
Lets look at something today shall we? Love love love. Language describing a moment in time. FM AM.
FAM. Dick.
Tuning in. Lost

Well i need yaaa.
I got my head done when I was young. Its not my problem.
Its not my . Fucking case of fear or anything else. The bug the bug. Meta-
Meta morph.
Metamorphosis. What are you bringing? Questions – no succinct scrolling answer.
1997. Take me back in my bleeding heart to then/ Standing in the kitchen blaming dad. Learning to wipe my arse without an entire roll of toilet paper.
Papa! Teach, scare hit, love drip drip drip.
A short trip to the store. Milk and bread.
Breakfast of musketeers.
Rustic carrots cut shambolically. Irrespective. Irregardless.
Shocking language and words. Continuity

The bug – And i’m cycling.
It hits me in the eye.
I rub. Splatter. Fish smelling.
Lost flesh., baby and pregnancy.
Baby hurts.
The name, tears.
Running running.
bulging. red.
My own ineffective juices flowing.
Tomato juice. Are the legs on my eye?
Will it breed?
Is it behind? Rolling orbs.
Foaming mouth. Rocking back and forth.
Knees tucked into my chest.
My heart. My eyes. My love.
rolling out of me.
Rainbow wars and Clancy.

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