Two day

You quoted, you lost me.
I smiled and thought of Japanese.
Or was it Chinese? A subtle wave.

The person under a street light needing to pee.
The mountain with an antenna on it. The road up.
The same road, but an academic holding a book.

Read left, two right.

Tell me what you see!

a a… fish hitting the ground tail swishing to the left
b The foot of a stickman kicking a ball. Or a minature submarine.
c pac man. A mouth. An unlucky horseshoe
D Bow without arrows.
E a hangman setup with an emergency button. A sprinkler at ground level side on.
f A strange dollar sign. A water fountain.
G The seat that Will Smith sits in, in Men in Black
h A seat. A magnet with an antenna
i I. A watch tower. Sauron. An dumbbell.
j J . The closest snick. playing table tennis. A lip piercing
kk KK Dance steps. Legs and hands on hips. The brown of the frowning, side on.
L l Sitting at a right angle. A periscope.
mM A sofa and pouf. A crawling headless baby. A fish mouth
Nn a sharp yin & yang. An condom
oO Eyes. A pest. Sugar. with the red line, a face. eggs. A hoop
pP A nipple. a button. a tongue out. a pimple.
qq QQ A crying face. Earrings. Paddles. Light posts. Coits. bubbles. Rings
Rrr Forceps. A razor blade. A car jack. A pistol.
SssS A snake. Bent springs. A double headed confused worm family.
TtT An umbrella. a bat. a toilet cartoon. Dynamite TnT trigger.
uUu A cup. Vase. Beaker. Vessel. Udders. Lucky Horseshoe
vvv Upside down pyramids. A fence. An icicle. tacks. Scissors.
Ww wings. Arms up. Celebration. a framed picture.
xXx fallen cross. handstands in the distance. multiply.
yY a flower. A martini glass. Candle stick.
Zzzzzzz lightning. a lifted bent backed snake.

-the end-

You now concur. Grouped mystery below of repetition.
u n c
y h
i l
t j r
o Q

yew know.

Tactical thinking
honours-wise, apply the rose
ask difficult questions

even if you start,
mid-year we are usually-
dancing with the stars

That’s a cool idea
Grounding, reality blurred.
Well exectuted.

Mistaken monster,
clarity and consciousness
firm image in our heads.

Nothing seemed contrived.
Spirited away: no face.
Passage that drags on.

Need explanation?
Coping with explanations
The layered reading

Read on face value,
chronicle allegory.
Wampire and varewolf

Hinting at a wamp
I have a drawing – not good!
Wendigo – native!

Vague cannibal thing.
Transformation, pass it on.
I don’t need to know

Monster guessing games.
“Kelly Link”, Supernatural
I don’t write funny…

Readers are ducklings!
The Patrick coincidence.
Conventions imprint

“lake Eyre- area”
puns in puns in puns in puns-
my god damn head.

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