no mucking about.
Hole in one.
Eating your way through the kitchen, being a horse.
Horse of a man.
:I knows it, I grows it.

We all nod out heads.
MSG punching at our minds.
No yoga tomorrow, the severity of my absence- lonely and lost from love.
An almond shaped eye. Arm resting on mine, breasts and skirts are dreams that ripple across the surface of the water.
My books. MY BOOKS.
and. And sentances starting with and and my own alignment of ideals for spelling.
Liquid, mores. Morish. Spawn, spores. Genius crippling agnostic sky.
The feedback of strangers. Mack daddy, original
Knowing all the lines.

Get a passport and you’re in the party.
There’s a time and a place.
What are these thousand words.
The socks slippering. Falling festering want more?
Able bodied fish. Western sickness- idol, adultery.
Brittle on the outside. Chocolate on the inner.
Crisps. Fish oil. Stomach-aches.
Ethnicity. Invalid points and hurting the ones you love with your language.
Eating is one of the most real things.
You need a strategy though.
You need some new jumpers. New shoes.
Apples of intent. Cruel intentions,
I have a message- right wing indecision.
Analyse instead of do.
Doingness. Beingness. ability to change.
I words, rocking. me silently. Rolling waves crash about me and we all list our lucks and love. Its a damn good place to start.
And we’re all preaching the same lovely message.
Except sometimes we get – sick.
That dress isn’t working. She looks like a worm. She let herself down with a man made final provide.
I stare. Looking at the stage, the strangers. Oblique.
Ponder that. The darkest feeling.
Spinning sick and untrained. Worthless me.
Woah. woe. Whoa. Whoe. Why?
What is between your ears. Crayon christmess ferments in my belly of untold insatiable instability. and the I is no. And the I is yes. And the sense is true, but its all a game. And the advertisements and the bagging, the reckless anger of talking about others. “Talking about people”. How clinical.
How ambitiouos, and ambiguous.
Sharing and learning from others. And it all trickles down.
Time isn’t real, we’re all just nodding which is absolutely financially viable.
and I might just sit in, hide away and cry for a little while. Fret over why my eyes hurt. Studio albums bring down the towers and books and terror rain wonder. Kinds of king. Fickle fortune wants nothing to do with the apples and the fruitbowls. Flagging glass, broken bottles etch strings into the editorial.
The butler, evil.
Innocents mauled by plagued friends.
Unncessary hinderance of the mosquito.
Hating and holding hands.
Unknown unmade words.
26 to its power.
So simple, refined lost juice of princely value.
Why does my battery flag.
Stay away stay away away. Inordinate pens, scribble tattoos into my layers.
Hedge funds fall into the void in the void.
Avoided sense. Sneakers and paul. Cooper was a natural. Manufactured.
In russia or china> And the lowercase shows my case of caring.
calling shots. Everyone asks. The sport. The hesitant, high hats and hopefuls.
Did you look at the respective time sheets?
Sheep look to everyone but me. Not lasting. No sleep, no pressure.
The storm in my mind.Internalised beauty of the day. Burns and blisters my hope.
Popping blisters. Pussless, yellow sauce. Salted.

She fucks people after poisoning.
They really offer stupid children.
Brothers, rarely a mistake made.
Grover ruthlessly attacked your mother.
Some turtles rolled Astrid, muck lost, dehydrated hands.
Mister Alfred loves indigo. Somewhere they noticed.
Bristol lays about. Umber questing zits.
Babies nearly boiled; envy unleashed.
Never ‘ave other empties yelled.
My man masturbates a new uke.
Idiot Dave mines at plutonium
DJ I understand average news.
Nobody asks Jon if umpired.
Nostalgia like love, aptly unveiled.
Nitrogen wishes you a x-ray.
Moguls avenge legs under alpaca notes.

None no no no.
Isambul, ammunition. Cordial. Princely. Fingers. Penis.
Flight. Action. Politics. Science. Rolling. Expansion.

Twelve lost loves and still I float on.
Jammed into my heart.
Husks cutting my wrists.
Hope hindering my hinges.
Hindsight hot on my heels.
Hanging head. Hospital helps hardly.
Hicks hoot, hollow hurts.
Hindering high hats haggle Humpty.
Holes happear.
Ha ha ha.
Hansel. Fric
Girt. Words. Frock on.
Warble warble warble.

Are you still here?

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