“After a day of it”

How long is a day of anything? 

I was riding down hill, the bike shop guy was walking up hill. What was it symbolic

The villain is introduced.

After a day of it- you can’t do that thing anymore. Fix bikes? Mine can stay broke. I’ll walk.

The chef makes honourable food all day and goes home to gruel, cereal or take-away.

The personal trainer that sleeps for their day off. 

The teacher –

The surgeons that cuts themself.

The bankrupt accountant, smoking doctors, neurotic psychologist. 

The HR manager – his wife left him. 

And after a day of it. You come home and let it all fall over, out and into bits. Pieces of wrecked human chunks. Faces and scary skeletons with eye-balls. One pupil out of focus. White noise overlay. Hawking spit

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