Time priv’

Privy spelling. Priv prob priv 

So luck good. So much food. The sukkah- dunks dukka and the lost language of lost was. 

Hey good whys what’s up. I’ll be here. Mitigation, questions. What do you reckon. Silken and fabric- 

Our own, could be. Cast away language. Do you want to play a game? Latent. Lost lips lasting fear. And froth. Do we need music? No dog no dog … You’ve said good eight times. 

Semi oversight. I know. No.

Very delightful. People to entertain- crazy I feel like it’s a bad idea. Lungs and smoking. Smoking, active. Who cares neither neither. Nigger. Nigger. Famous fragile. 

“Do you want to play a game”

“No I would rather do any other thing” 

“Who is this” ” it’s very easy to” 

Proud proud.

Do you want to play a game? I would rather do anything else.

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