“Isn’t it funny, it’s bizarre”.


Language, speak, jump, leap, “I just want to say cunt”.


She was a professor, from Rome
Whom all of the poets took home.
They’d knock down the door-
expecting for sure,
but left with books and a poem.

Boiled eggs.
Diet. Sleep. Yoga.
Irony. Kissing strangers.
Image image. Imagine.

Months and memories.

you’re so full on.
Its not my intention play love games with you.
I’m alone at the moment because its best for me.

I like that we have been close in the past and that we can be honest with one another but I don’t think our lives should intersect in that way.
We’re at completely different points and you’re there for a reason.
You’re overthinking everything again, a lot like me.
Don’t do it if you can help it.
Don’t come back;
it sucks and I am unwilling,
I am selfish.

Carbon Kicks
Walled spaces
Chucking sucks
Holding pieces.
Dirty tricks
Holding aces
Govern fucks
Apple District.
Fairness friend
Never end.

I explained to the guys. -scared I was-
As we drove back. -you drive me up the wall-
that coming away from your dinner party -I am shivering-
of bright, brilliant and beautiful people. -so much choice of freedom’s option-
It had me feeling that I was the most unwholesome of the lot.
Your group is of a very fine and refined league of which I appreciated and enjoyed in company and conviviality to the absolute. Thankyou again. -If that’s how its spelt-
To die for, the eternal dessert. Pie of time. Ends meet. -Shuddering-

Smell. Sick and sweet fragrance.

A jaunty day
A silent night
Jingles sway
Bell’s delight.
This holy morn-
Week ended whiles.
Feeling all forlorn,
Drifting people’s piles.
The collective noun’s
Gaggles of clowns.

A Matilda of sheep. – Thankyou Rowan.

Run run run. Sun sun sun.
Hon hon… honey.
Money money money.
2020. 2020. 2020.

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