A business mind

Mind your own. Look and look after. I am a socialite- for better or for worse. Standing around. Anxiously plugging the silence. Lugging, tugging, flight home, shrugging live like government. 

Meaning other thins lost in theme. The me. The I. 

Define: Altruism Socialite

“When people ask you a question what do you say” generally. Scripts, acknowledgement, special, ordinary, change. Formula and magics control over people that are quiet. Not my intention. Not mine! I need to rest, to layup lay down, sleep, plan study and organise. 

“Administrivia” – high fail rate.

Numbs the mind.

Find passion – motivate self.

Fixate and learn concepts.

No detail. Next week we’ll get into theoretical stuff.

The function of stupid.

Doctrine of precedent.

Nod nod nod.

How are you not, today.

I said not! 

Song: Need it . Band: half moon run. 19th of July 17:02

Saying and true meaning link arms. While for the second languages it’s a departure of accuracy, real-mess-ness, was, is, wrong, loss, suppression, desire to be in you. Like private property. The only true occupation is sex. Auctioned off self. Surrender yourself. Lust, carnal and warm. Navels rub. A bounce and cold heels touch the sides of mine. My legs flex as we squirm and I sit up. Impressed, grinning unnaturally. Smiling for the drug of it all. It’s all on the table. Feet cold but not for saying, warming hearts and a passion. Kiss me – need.

Kiss me – want. 2. Side. Standing, infectious smi

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