Wht are you thinking about?

What are you thinking about I asked my sister?
“mind your own fucking business and have your own fucking thoughts” – My mind answered.

“Just planning out my day” She said. She was distant, vacant stare.
I poked her.
I told here that she was in possession of a human body and that whatever she decided to do would be the right decision. (Leaving out the part that whatever she decided would also be the wrong decision). Trade-offs.
Always everywhere.

X-Day today.
Xavier everything.
X for Christmas.
Death. Poison. Treasure.
I am getting a cold.
Been feeling cold.
I’ll go for a run, get the heart pounding.

Thinking of my brother and our friend Trav.
Thinking music, making plans.
Jorgia, walking.
Penny, talking.
Alex, taxing.

and we all fall down.

I might change my sheets.
Time is scarce, but I have so much of it.
So much scarcity in my world.
I need to print. I need to edit, write introduction and functions.
Riddle in some content.
Critical analysis, follow on, dream-states. Oedipus!

My mind’s running, my nose running, the tap running.
And we all fall down.
Teeth gritty, midday and only just awake.
No drive, need for early mornings.
Power naps, to fully lose a day.
and to be wrecked, over do it.
Done and done. Kilian, the sherrif in town.
Watermelon jokes.
Telling wild tales.
forgetting to buy the coffee pot.
forgetting and forgetting and memory.
lost and writing something for Jazmine,
Jazz’s birthday. and the use of apostrophe.
and Harvey. Bird Man. Attorney at Law.

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