Ecocriticisms lost

The confusion regarding the Brontosaurus, provides a lighhearted jab at the Sciences for their inability to provide resolute and current answers for current problems. Timeliness of information relating to extinction is seriously brought under the microscope.

Where mistakes that have been slow in being rectified, so to does this undermine true knowledge when speaking of en-mass belief systems. This ignorance inherent to the general populace creates falsehoods, blind panic and crisis that are lacking the backbone that establishes a well reasoned science of perfection. Its here that many of the hopes of mankind substantiates logical claims. While the text suggests that science can be mistaken, nowhere is it said in 10:04 that the increasing Co2 and H2O levels are something that humanity can deny, or be absent from. These repercussions as instances of justice for the manipulations and mistreatment of the world promote the need for ecocriticism, to promote and highlight the ideas and information exchange that pertains to human being and the natural world.

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