“This Pen is so dry”Zia smarts, she passed me by- Three of hearts.

Have you ever had a crush? Bright eyes? Let me ask let me ask. And in the following lines of inquiry bask. Questions, power play. Play out. Comfort, normal structures under which we crush. 

Queerness of necessary identity. 

Her nose doesn’t constitute champagne drinking. – ABABY!

We all have, within us Capabilities of greatness. (May 20th. 12:59)

Terrorism as “anti-culture”. 

Boundaries of young people, scars and fear growing up. 

Alphabetised aisles at the supermarket.

Dora: An analysis of a case of Hysteria. Sigmund Freud…The Marriage Plot: Jeffery Eugenides… The order of things : Foucault.

So much work to be done. So little memory, my disabled mind. Not free to sit and do and chat. We try to sit around and talk to women with men but it crumbles with interest and faceted faces. Invitations excitement and remedy. Tense, untrusting. Blind people with seas-sickness. Housing. Babies. Marriage. Work. Tuna. Girlfriends(Naiomo). Work. People. Accomplished, travelling, languages, old friends, new, hospitality and so forth. Travel. Cairns. Work. Distance. Pot plants, reclamation, chairs, study, soccer, tea, queerness.

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