Four posts

Rules explained and deserving more.

Thoughts spidering out. Multitalented. Plurals. People positioning, poisoning practice. Multi-valent. Moving in any direction. And I was muted. Spill a drink in her. Share, buy wine. Strawbs, chocolate. Share and depress, hide in bed. Be good in the morning. Improved every day. 

I hid I worried, I went. Posturing. Post up my arse. Full of IT. Time creasing me. Crushing and cruising my internal melody screeching, squeeling, squaring. And sk-sk-sk. 

Fuck you. Eyes rolling. New tyres. Fuck me abroad, aboard, a broad.

Blue, greed. Generic.

Genetic green eyes. 3%

Closeness, hiding. Attributing value outside of yourself acknowledging all. Sigh

Signs. Language shooting from my body, wordlessly. Listing with dot points a dot-to-dot image of a letter in no particular order for a song in F. For the fbi, high kites. Proper nouns pinky. The regeneration, jubilation; juvinating heals of green goodness. RBB

Red brown blonde.

When you go grey it will be Red Grey Blonde. The old, the RGB. Art thou’ joke.

Thoughts of walking after sex

Be less excited by people.
Dying hair? I’m complicated, with enough to consider with out all that.

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