I, I.

Aye aye, captain!
I, I. Captain?

Yes yes, what is it?!

I must stress,
‘IT’ is not the same for you and I.
My eyes are changed, are different.

I do not think we see the same.

The sea is never the same again.
Flux and suction, the boat is out birth.
Our marriage. Our girl.
Our miss to miss.
Our past, our future.
Our mast, our ms.
We don’t own a think.
That’s how I see it.
That’s why I take this log out,
out with me.
out my eyes.
You and me.
You and eye.
Bouncing, lapping, kissing the waves.
Suction to the wave.
Ride what she throws at you.
Barrels and alls! Mate?
Battles and falls state.

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