Hang out ya bats

Bars. Big night and kissing missing. Hang out. 

Old friendships and lost love. Te patients as life floats on by. No room for the old, always improving. Liking someone, sharing time, feeling, holding hugging warmth. Stay with me, never die. Let’s leave when your partner wouldn’t. So much to to. A greedy night of drinking to forget. 

The mob’s semi circle. Verve. Around me, away, aware away thrumming lips. Smile and thought. A million miles past the guy that says “you don’t belong”. Cooled than you, than all. 

My shins split. Arm in arm with the beauty. 

You’re– Weird and misshapen, as is the rest of humanity

New voice : The moment that your husband goes for acknowledgement is the moment he drops you dancing.

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