Justice? Where is everyone.

Why aren’t they here? Are more

Alive today than have ever been dead? Millions? Try billions. At a dash, a stroke a word, of imagination. All gone. Infertility now. And 159 years from right now, we’re gone. A tiny stroke. 

Human life. Gone in a stroke. 

Inrrevocable. Vocal if I speak. Hurt in a sound. Death follows as a silence. And where are they now? 

Why aren’t they here? What has happened? This money, this moment alone. They’re out there. Cold, alone, maybe together. But suffering as I am. Here. 

Why aren’t they with me? Alone. And I have my phone but that’s not what I want. Contact. Contribution, attributes that smile out of me. My chest, ribs cracking with each final bevy breath until it’s true. What I say. 

Until it’s true. 

Trying time. Times changing me. Wrinkles like puff pastry in an oven. On or off, if and only if. I’m off my food, lip biting agony of pleasure later. Anything but that. Seeking out my pain. 


Hold my hand, heart, eyes.

Rotted fettered jell you. Unbearded Kelly. Republic of potato and swollen belly. Bell curves and bell ends. Sacrifice sex for society. Wants of my own!

But where.. Where are they now?

I want them here. I want to hear their talk; their speak. High minded ideals. The weather, surviving- clothes off the floor. She’ll like.

Shell-like button. The colour, notice? Replace. But we can’t replace that absence. Where are you now? I know I want. Running down a corridor, four of them. The front of a button. Sewing.

My nose, a reflection of people.

Flat out. In the mirror of the bathroom or a lake somewhere in the outback. Where am I now?



Melted ice. Lips dry like sticky rice. Lashes falling and no luck.

No wish. I will.

Chance a hope, a pray. Pay fealty to my feelings. Dripping sores around wrist and neck where I’m connected to most useful. 

No more heady ideas. Hair exposing tanglingly, but one eye. Only perspective. If and if, I can use that hand, push back upon the age of hair, wealth, warmth and blindness. Look!

Where are they now?


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