Weight in my ankles. Sitting.

She disconnected from me.I bored her. Bored into her. 

Yes, eyes staring. 

Interlocked. Love-sequel.

Squeezing squeeling thought from squinting squishing square eye.

The sequence of our dance.

Music to my feelings. 

Balm for my shallows.

Crying eyes,

Tiny pupils. Connection.

Blue blue blue. The sky and and the depths. A surprise, and slice of silence that I wanted to fill.

My gauntlet.

Wriggling wants. Cuss and fathom.

Shallows and satellites. 

Synchronous suggestions. 

Saline, salmon smelling.

Slop of some song, girl past. 

I’ll go over this side.

How we doing? 

That’s the way.

Good good.

You on the water mate? 

I thought about a man.

Crying by the end of it.

He said, fired up. And-

Do you want anything? 

Uncomfortable. Beautiful.

My mind turns back to her. 

I shared too much. 

Don’t analyse what I say. 

She said.

OK – I say.
Disconnected. I never checked my phone. It got to me. She went and showered. “You look nice” 

Thanks. – Shakespeare.

Coriolanus, Virtus!

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