Rooster thoughts

Roofed and rooster. Shots fired, hit home. Netted. Move to Adelaide and leave your love behind. Return home. Him, her. 

Seconds: I matured, in nature. Mounted. Fucked. Speeded. Spermed. Left to nurture and grow. Saving the beasts that could kills you. We must resent, biochemical weapons? How abou wasps. Introduced not. But of this earth they are. Spreading, killing taking over. There’s a thought. Rooster.

Mean men. Mean woman, head and hair like cocks. Fighting for pride. The lion within. Raw roars. An


To overstep. Go home? No. Salvage from

Your rickety slots am. Floatsam, trust me names I know.

Kids are mandibles. 

Alicia means “malleable”.

I’m a rubbing friend. A running friend. A rubbish friend…            But you can have my love.

It’s really amazing, undescribable. 


I’m still afraid of closing my eyes at a gig… I tried last night. It scared me. The DJ with the hair bouncing. Posturing. Bouncing protecting. Cock.

That reference to overwhelmed. Underwhelmed. Just whelmed.

In Europe. “DICK”.

Three women. Confusion. Subtleties. -dickall.

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