Language is poison sometimes.

Kiss every girl

People suffer: keep it simple stupid. The French woman from Paris Combo said: “just go with anyone”. Think about it after. She jokingly brought up love. Her obsession with love. 

“Peace and love” – cultural shift. Language reversal. Didactic vs the synchronic. Changes occurring out and in. In and out. In and out.

And kiss. An octopus trap in Japan. The repetition of someone’s name. Exotic, illiptic. Nosebleed stuff.

Rush the biscuit

Risk the biscuit
I feel like that’s when you’ve got a cup of tea, right. Then you double dunk your cookie and it becomes dangerous trying to transport it from tea to mouth because it’s become so wobbly and soaked. It may have even broken off with the second round of saturation. Becoming dislodged from the dry bit still in your hand. Look what you the author have instigated. 

A flotsam of biscuit bits. Crummy icebergs. Clumps. Gluggy tea. Unpalatable, unstable. Dangerous liquid. The slip of pigs, orange brown. Unusual darkness. 

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