Split callus.
Sore feed. Tired kidney.
Drunk, muscle relaxants.
Strange topics and dealing with grief.
A friend throwing a drink all over me.
Accidental, loss of control.
My stomach churns.
Filled and wanting to burst.
Feeling the worst.
a thirst, seated on the beach.
The sun warming me.
Headstands, balance and bridge.
Home to an open fridge.
Mean, meat meat meat.
Too long between meeting, messages sent.
Study done, yawns and the tried and true ways and means.
So lost, with the things I wanted.
The death of the author.
As soon as its written the moment is lost.
The person is crippled, expunged.
Changed. Flux. Vacuum.
Girls adding me.
Mean mean mean, violent headbutting, star gazing.
Moment. The girl I had a crush on, went out with my friend that stole my ex, who’s best friend I slept with and spent Christmas with and broke her heart.
Writing poems, and still I see her at the airport.

People, dangers to one-another.
Why do we commune,
how do I leave you all alone?
I’ll jog again tomorrow, just to get some perspective.
Waving at exes in new black cars.
Walking and walking.
The beach, swimming.
Eating rosemary.
unsuggesting. Worrying over work.
Wondering. Wishing, hoping.
Being a hypocrite.
Haircuts. Splitting hairs, so hot.
warm, wrecked.
My body, growing and groaning.
Lost and typical.
work to be done.
Friends to be won.
Hidden away- opinions and connotation.

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