Are colours consistent? Do you always see the same colour or do they change depending on your mood. I’m feeling bad, i’m feeling jealous, I’m feeling yellow, seeing green, overcome with red. But the shades are changed.

“Well use these as proof, that you’re slowing losing your mind Patrick” – Thanks Rhys.

Friends, that see you that sculpt and contribute to you, they all have a shard.
They are sharks. Parks of green. Feelings, moods assumptions.
I dress how I feel.
“confused, colourful, wild, crazy”.
What impoverished, shallow and reactionary things to re-butt.

Checking phones, getting messages.
Needing to be the recluse.
Leaving early, fearing the future.
caught up with ideas.

Kissing the head of the nuns.
Poppy Seeds.
Lost Child.
Betrayal Bonding.

Meaning, interpretation, perspective and importance.
They aren’t shared always. Not thought words.
What’s the significance of the back of the parking ticket.

Sos- oh much to read.

And the tea is strong.
And the peppermint is false.
Third grade. Toilet trained skerricks of flavour.
No trust in my own spelling. What is wrong with me.

And the tea is false, and the glue that holds the tag to the bag is too strong, just,
so the bag always rips and suddenly the t-bag has become loose leaf tea. And the cup is chaos and it rages and storms. Choking me.
try everything once.
And that conversation topic died.
And seeing people I didn’t want to see..
And getting drunk and forgetting names.
And laughing and running and not burning out so to speak but having the time and the energy and the motivation and the lights and the bulbs and the signifyer and the signified. and meaning and defining a word and the creation process.
Its all a bit complex and heady.
like a beer.
I say beer and its a triangle of information, or a circular flow.
I say a word, you think a similar word, we keep thinking similar words.
We should be able to bounce back to similar things quickly.
That would be an interesting rule. Every fifth or seventh we have to revert back to a word.



The word game.

We played punderdome.

I my have truly lost my mind.
See-Sawing with father.
Guinness advice. Loud talking and stupidity.
Let downs.
Impossible smarts, poor introductions.
Wasted time, effort and time and effort and time and effort and time and effort and time and effort and time and efffort and frrtime and effort and time and effort and timed.

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