My body’s keeping time.
Legs swirling around me.
Teeth gritting, grinding.
Eyes slick and flickering.
Jealous rays of light fall.
And i’m appalled.
At you, at me.
all of it, us.
Trainspotting 2.
tonight- with the guys.
Birthday’s work and Uni tomorrow.
money money money.
Work work sitting.
newsletters, weather. Blah.
Bring me tomorrow.
Let go!

Such a sweet message.
flit and flitter.
my fitness. fiddle and fucking.
rolling tumbling jumble.
Questions asked and nothing my response.
sad plucks. frank and final.
tests, trials and wants.
Twisted sheets.
Dance of feet.

Running geese- mouths wide.
and rubbing, running up sheets.
kisses raining on breast.
whenever and each grasp and gasp.
Sucking and wanting to inhale it all.
Trimmed hair, licking and buildup.
Twist, twist. Thrusting.
pull, inside, inside.
Deep, rub. vibrate.
wait. Breathe. Breath.

And now we recall.
The wigs we wore.
The hand flowers-
the night. More, more.
You know who you look like.

The horrible girl that stole my vibe.
“We’re all ugly if we just look,
embarrassed to”
bashed, brittle, broken.
Brutal. basic bitching.
Bald new girlfriends.
Stolen glasses, paying bills.
Money down the sink.
Manic energy.

Ideas of play equipment.
rolling, rolley-poley.
Copy and paste game on your phone.
Proper nouns, dyslexia.
Readings for Uni.
and lost, so lost.
so social.
Swimming out, asking to be eaten by a shark.
A natural death and thinking of mum.
The sun.
A son.
My brother, my sister. Love.
Tomorrow it all starts.
busy busy busy.

market day!
what else.

Roley-poley redemption.
Cement-to-be path!
Stuck in a tree.
stolen glasses.
meeting people, shaking hands and “the hot girl, guy from the party”.
Cal, he’s always there.
And dancing. and a girl under each arm.
and fuck it.
Dancing and drinks.
and 6am bedtimes.
And an agenda not done,
run and run and run.

Eat it all up.

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